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Why Real Estate SEO Is Different From Standard SEO

shutterstock_405038668The internet is the first place potential home buyers will begin their search according to NAR (National Association of Realtors) and Google report. There is a great online market opportunity for realtors since they need to capitalize on the high amount of valuable traffic available. This makes SEO a very important aspect of the real estate industry. As much as the basic SEO principles apply to real estate SEO, some SEO strategies are only specifically used for real estate businesses.

This also makes real estate SEO different from standard SEO and further outlined below are reasons why this is so.

The Focus on Local Content & Links

Unlike standard SEO, real estate SEO focuses on local traffic from search engines.  The keywords used in their local content comprise of local keyword phrases with names of local places or streets. Realtors are known to build high-quality content to get other local businesses and sites to link up to their sites. They are known to turn their websites into authority sites specific to their locale. Real estate SEO dictates that a business should create deep local content to for them to compete successfully with the renowned real estate brands’ websites that are not local-focused. This is very unlike standard SEO whose focus is not limited to local traffic, content and links.

Photos & Videos Are Key

In standard SEO, there is the use of photos and videos but not in the same manner that real estate SEO requires. Real estate SEO requires a significant use of the photos and videos. Since home buyers love seeing the photos and video tours of the inside and outside of their potential new homes, there is no choice but to put photos and videos of the homes for sale in a real estate website. Apart from videos of home tours, real estate businesses have been known to upload testimonials of past buyers of homes where they narrate their experiences in dealing with the business. The testimonials are key in further enticing the home buyers to enlist their real estate services. The photos and videos have also played a great part in boosting real estate site rankings and generating more traffic.

Directory Listing

Another way to generate traffic to a real estate business site is for the business to get listed in the real estate agent directories. Directories can generate serious traffic for a real estate site considering the hundreds of millions of views that these directories get in a year. Standard SEO hardly emphasizes the need to get listed in a directory; instead, more emphasis is placed on the other SEO basics.

Blog Posts for Products Sold

Having blog posts about the specific property on sale is one great way to generate traffic to the site. Every blog post targets one property address, which the potential buyers will be searching for on the search engines. The address, in this case, is the keyword.