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Targeting Your Audience

images-1Listing a house on the market is the first step in a long process. Once the real estate is listed, you need to find ways to reach the people who will be interested in that particular type of property. For example, a large family with several small children will not be interested in buying a home with only one or two bedrooms. There are several factors that must be taken into consideration when targeting a specific audience. Once you have the basic information about the property, you can begin to create a target audience and choose the most effective methods of advertising.


The demographics of your target audience will include their yearly income, age, family size and marital status. People may fall into several categories at one time, so it is important to know as much about their general lives as possible. This will help you create home listings that will not only attract their attention but keep them actively interested in the property. Most prospective homeowners will look at photos of the properties they are interested in and choose several that are appealing. It is important to showcase the property with your target demographic in mind to make sure the property instantly attracts their attention.

It’s also important to know where to reach your target demographic. Placing an ad for a multi-million dollar home will probably fail if it is placed on Facebook or Twitter. On the other hand, placing the same listing on LinkedIn or another social media site that targets professionals will gain several more hits and views.

Personalized or General Message

Listings can also be of a more personal nature or they can be generalized to reach a broader audience. When reaching out to a larger audience, a generalized message may do the trick. If you are targeting a specific group or organization, it might be a good idea to personalize the overall message, gearing it towards the main center of the group. Individuals are more likely to respond or show interest in a property if they are shown the connection between their interests and the features of the property being listed.

Size and Use of Property

Know the needs of your target audience and use them to your advantage. Capitalize on the features of the property and make sure each is detailed in the listing. It is important to make statements that relate the attributes of the property to the needs of the client. This helps the client view the property in ways that may eventually benefit them.

When you understand your audience you can target your advertising efforts on that particular demographic. The people you eventually reach will be those that are most interested in the types of property you list on a regular basis. Using the property as your guide, you can focus on the demographic that is most likely to be interested in considering the purchase.

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