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SEO: Web Page Content – Best Practices

shutterstock_161674859Whether you own one restaurant or a chain of them, you can initiate some SEO best practices that will improve your profitability. To help you get the most out of your SEO efforts, here are some best practices to consider.

Geo Targeting

Your restaurant likely does most of its business via walk-in sales. You also might offer a delivery service, but no matter how you structure your business, it will depend on people living and staying in a specific geographic area to provide most of your business generate your profit. With SEO, you can target your marketing efforts on specific geographic areas by using zip codes, area codes, and other geographic identifiers to specifically target consumers in those areas. Geo targeting enables you to tailor your online marketing to a very specific location, such as one where you view a good opportunity to grow your business.

Unique Content

Google, Bing, and other search engines love unique content and richly reward site that provide it with high rankings, as determined by ever-changing algorithms. Ultimately, the search engines want to ensure your site provides unique and relevant content that closely matches specific search terms. By ensuring your website provides unique content that people can’t obtain elsewhere, you ensure your site ranks highly on SEO results for paid searches and for organic search engine results. That means lower paid SEO marketing costs, higher rankings on the first page of organic search results, and more business.

Email Campaigns

How can an email campaign improve your SEO? By encouraging people to visit your site to view the latest specials, print out a special discount coupon, place an order to go, or obtain other information of importance to them. The more people who click on your site and stay around to peruse other pages or download coupons and other information, the more Google and other search engines will determine that your site offers unique and relevant content and reward your site with better search rankings and lower marketing costs.

Employ Social Media

Just as email campaigns can drive more traffic to your website, so can social media. Twitter feeds of special deals, Instagram posts of particularly well-prepared specialties, and Facebook posts that encourage people to like your Facebook pages all generate interest in your restaurant. Better still, they generate links to your website from high-profile social media sites, and those links positively influence your site’s ratings and rankings.

Measure and Adapt

If there is only one best practice that you employ with your marketing efforts, above all others, you must measure your results, analyze them, and adapt your marketing efforts to make them better. SEO offers a wealth of information, such as exposures, clicks, time spent on a particular page, leads generated, conversions, cost per lead, costs per conversion, who, what, where, and when people are responding to your marketing, and so much more. Rather than ignore such information, you need to embrace it, learn it, and adapt to it to make your business more successful.