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  • Keyword Research: Using analytics data, keyword planning tools and over ten years of combined digital marketing experience, we will focus your campaign on effective search targets.
  • On-Page SEO: With over 100 items on our on-page SEO checklist, you can be sure we will optimize your real estate agency’s website to ensure optimal search visibility.
  • Off-Page SEO: With ongoing structured and unstructured citation placement, original content creation and distribution, and online industry outreach, we can improve your real estate agency’s online presence to improve search placement.
  • Content Marketing Strategy: Content is what makes the web go round. Without a structured content development strategy, it is near-impossible to grow your web presence.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Using Google Analytics and customized ranking reports, we can show you traffic and usage data from your website’s visitors to help your SEO campaign keep pace with your customers.

Your Rankings Matter

Real Estate Marketing Gurus is known for providing quality SEO (search engine optimization) for real estate agency websites, attaining front page rankings on search engine results for real estate agencies across the country. Internet marketing for real estate agents is a competitive field, and without your website’s appearance on the first page of search results, you will not be able to compete and your website will drain your resources. Many real estate agents depend on a reliable pipeline of referrals for business, but with the internet, most referrals come from websites and online reviews. What are your potential clients typing when they are looking for your real estate agency? That is the question we are prepared to answer for you, and it will help us devise a personalized and effective SEO campaign for your real estate agency.

our in-depth strategy brings results

Search Engine Optimization for real estate agents is a calculated and precise process that begins with an understanding of your goals as a real estate agent. Are you looking for clients? What kind of clients? We are here to find out. Our real estate SEO experts will gain an extensive understanding of your goals and conduct detailed and careful research to determine which keywords are the most valuable to your business. It would be frivolous to rank for keywords that do not receive searches, so we carefully design your website to be relevant for keywords that have search volume, that are actionable keywords known to convert visitors into clients. If your website is ranking well for keywords that are frequently searched, you will have a significantly better opportunity to reach new potential clients.

the importance of working with a reputable seo firm

Every search engine optimization method is unique, and they do not perform equally. The number of real estate agencies pioneering their own SEO campaigns increases each day. It is vital that you remain aware that many SEO companies starting these campaigns are not following best practices for long term success. The reality is, many SEOs are one-man operations that do not have the resources or expertise to properly handle an entire real estate agency’s marketing plan. It is disappointing to see people try to do work that is outside their scale, but when you work with Real Estate Marketing Gurus, you have the power of an entire agency’s resources working for your online marketing campaign.

There are over 200 observed factors that are part of Google’s algorithm for ranking websites. Only a few select Google engineers understand them all, but SEO experts are constantly doing tests and trials to determine the most actionable SEO strategies for the future. Our SEO experts are always devising new and effective strategies to give our clients the results they need from their websites. When you secure the services of Real Estate Marketing Gurus, our knowledge and dedication to excellence will bring you the results we have achieved for real estate agencies nationwide.

a well-rounded approach to digital marketing

But you must be vigilant of your online visibility; ranking well on search engines does not guarantee new clients for your real estate agency. Search exposure for real estate agents is critical to growing your reputation but is only one slice of your online presence, really. There are a variety of tools and strategies that come together to form a comprehensive vision of your internet appearance. A creative and professional website design, exceptionally well-written content, and a properly managed SEO and PPC campaign are all valuable tools with their own respective strategies that can bring great value to your online marketing campaign. When they work together, it becomes the best way to maximize your real estate agency’s potential to convert web traffic into clients.


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