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Pay-Per-Click Advertising with Real Estate Marketing Gurus is a secure and proven method for achieving rapid first page search appearances on Google and Bing. Our agency is an Adwords Certified company with a PPC management team that has effectively handled millions of dollars in PPC advertising budgets for clients across the nation. We can design, build, launch, manage and regularly optimize your pay-per-click advertising campaign to drive traffic and potential clients to your website quickly and efficiently.


Search Engine Marketing is the term commonly used to refer to paid ads on search engine results, such as Google AdWords or the Bing ad network. When real estate agencies add pay-per-click advertising to their marketing budget, it can be a fast way to increase your traffic and conversions while making progress with a long term SEO campaign. Advertising on Google and Bing allows for rapid online visibility on relevant search results pages proven to generate traffic and conversions. When we are tracking and updating your PPC campaigns, we can employ our decade of collective experience toward making the strongest strides for your real estate agency.

instant visibility and traffic

home-partnerIn our picture, we see organic search optimization as a long term solution best complimented by a strong and hard-hitting PPC campaign. Pay Per Click advertising is excellent for any real estate agency, but especially so if you are launching a new website or are looking to jumpstart a long-term SEO campaign with some enhanced visibility, traffic and exposure. Proper search engine optimization is a time-intensive process intended to produce long-term results, and we often encourage and employ pay-per-click advertising to help clients create fast visibility and drive traffic to their website.

Real Estate Marketing Gurus employs Adwords Certified marketers with extensive experience and resources ready to be leveraged for your real estate agency’s benefit. Our careful keyword research explores a wide range of avenues to ensure thorough keyword targeting. With effective click monitoring and bid management, you can know how well your efforts are working and make changes appropriately. Implementation of a careful and precise strategy is important to ensure your ads receive optimal placement for keywords you are most interested in. Our Pay Per Click campaign strategies will comprehensively overhaul every aspect of your PPC marketing efforts and create realistic and trackable goals for your real estate agency’s success.