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Online Marketing for Real Estate – SEO Tips

shutterstock_178787870When you want potential buyers to find both your real estate listings and your real estate firm, you need to engage in real estate SEO to bring in that traffic. Publicizing your listings isn’t the same as simply using the address on the site or using generic real estate buzzwords to attract traffic. For effective real estate SEO you need to have geo-targeting, and a strong effort must be made toward creating local optimization. A site that simply publicizes houses, without using a variety of local keywords to target those searching the local area for property, will bring in traffic that is completely unsuited to their website. They may bring in traffic that is interested in houses, but those houses may be across the country from where they’re shopping.

Hyper-local SEO

For effective real estate SEO, think hyper-local optimization. It isn’t enough to give an address or to say which city the property is in. People search for homes that are in specific neighborhoods and that are in specific school districts. Get as specific as you can about the area your property is in to target just the traffic that is interested in that area.

Content Quality

Your real estate content should be consistently expanding on your website. The site needs plenty of content full of complex language that will allow search engines plenty of words to choose. It also shows them a complexity that will show them that your site is of high quality. Each listing should have a full description, and your site should consistently be given more pages. Adding a blog to the site that brings readers in with its informative posts can help to propel the entire’s site’s search engine placement.

Your blog can further your hyper-local SEO strategy by posting information about local events and local real estate news. In real estate marketing, it’s all about finding the right audience. By targeting those who may be interested in homes in the area and posting things they would like to read about, you can better target them for your marketing efforts.

Social Media Usage

Social media is best known for a way to keep up with friends and family members, but it has emerged as one of the best ways to market your business. Google has revealed that social media is an important way to boost your site’s rankings. When you point social media members toward your website, others will link to your pages and give you that much-needed boost to increase your rankings. Social media engagement takes time, but it has enormous power in the marketing world.