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Marketing Your Open House on Social Media

images-1As a real estate agent, getting as many potential buyers through the doors as possible is your main goal. While the standard methods of real estate marketing still apply, these same methods can be used effectively on social media. Real estate marketing on social media can be a realtor’s best way of reaching potential clients who might otherwise be missed. In addition to your normal real estate advertising plan, adding a social media campaign before, during, and after an open house can be an effective tool that you should use.

Before the open house, you want to create buzz by promoting it to as many people as possible. For as little as five dollars a day, use Facebook boosted posts to advertise your open house to a targeted area and specific demographic. For instance, a boosted post can target an area of users who live within a 10-mile radius of the open house. Demographics can be broad or focused on a specific age range, language spoken, or particular interest, such as home buying. Once you choose these parameters, you’ll be able to see how many people on average will see the boosted post per day. Make sure to add a link that takes visitors to a website with more information about the property and a contact form they can fill out to receive specific details about the open house.

During the open house, posting real-time pictures and property details on Twitter is a great way to remind your followers that the open house is currently happening. Posting photos while the home looks its best will continue to pay off in the days and weeks after the open house. Post photos of signage, exterior features, interior details, and even the food you have displayed. Scheduling posts ahead of time using a social media management system can take the pressure off of you during the open house when it’s busy. Schedule posts that will publish during the hours of the open house with special home features or information about the area. Following that up with real-time updates will keep your timelines constantly filled with current information.

After the open house, keep the momentum going by updating a Pinterest board specific to that property with new pictures and meaningful information about the neighborhood. Your real estate marketing Pinterest page should be filled with boards featuring current and past properties. Post pictures of the open house, kitchen features, outdoor spaces, and photos of the local community, like a nearby park or neighborhood restaurant. You can also use the information gathered during the open house to connect with potential clients on social media by inviting them to follow your pages or following them back with a quick thank you.

Using social media as part of your real estate advertising toolbox before, during, and after an open house can be extremely effective if done right and with care. You can meet new clients, connect with other realtors, and attract more potential buyers to a seller’s home.